Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

    Christina Koch is an American astronaut and engineer, who blasted off on March 14, 2019, to spend 328 days on the International space platform (ISS) as a part of Expedition 59, 60, and 61. She left behind family and friends, also as a really special furry friend, but it had been all to realize a historical moment. 

    To date, 575 people are in space. With all the space flights taken together, the entire time in space has been 152.1 years. to place her accomplishment into perspective, Koch is one of only 12 active female astronauts. There are 65 female space travelers within the history of space flight. 

    What Was Christina Koch’s Historic Moment?

    Koch took off into space to be a part of the primary, all-female spacewalk in aeronautical history with Jessica Meir. She spent 42 hours outside the space platform over six spacewalks. She conducted experiments in biology, tech development, and substance. Koch even broke the standing record for having the longest time spent continuously in space by a female astronaut. (She broke the record of 289 days, set by Peggy Wilson.)

    Koch dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and she or he was trained to be ready for love or money. She might not are quite prepared for the reception she received upon her return to Earth and to her family on February 6, 2020. She’d been in space for nearly a year, and she or he was happy to be home. But LBD (Little Brown Dog) was quite excited. He was over the moon.

    Who Missed Koch More?

    Our favorite furry pets are with us a day, offering solace and support through our happiest and saddest moments. It’s easy to forget that the connection goes both ways. For Koch, LBD was a continuing companion and friend.

    LBD seemed to feel an equivalent way when she finally returned home. Beyond scratching the door and wagging his tail, he didn't appear to be ready to contain his affection and excitement. LBD licked her face. He may are nervous that she would disappear again.

    The Duo Back Together Again

    Koch was glad that LBD remembered her, even after nearly a year. we'd compare the journey with The Incredible Journey, though during this case, Koch was on her out-of-this-world experience. LBD was waiting for all that point for her to return home. 

    Koch’s historic moment was made even more special by the nice and cozy welcome when she returned home, but it also puts her sacrifice into perspective. Her training and knowledge had already included time within the US Antarctic Program, with travel within the Antarctic and Arctic regions. She has faced every manner of coaching, with challenges designed to check her mentally and physically. 

    Koch as an Inspirational Force

    NASA selected Koch to be a part of the Astronaut Group 21 in 2013. She finally completed training in 2015. Along the way, she’s also received many awards by NASA and other institutions. regardless of where she has traveled around the world and out of this world, she’d probably agree that there is not any place like home.

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